The 130th Canton Fair arrives as scheduled
Release Time:2021-09-30 11:40:55

Industry: General

Host country: China

Host city: Internet

Pavilion name: Virtual showroom

Time: 2021/10/15~2021/10/24

China Import and Export Fair

Number of sessions: the 130th Canton Fair

Exhibition time: October 15-24, 2021

Exhibition location: network exhibition hall

Organizers: Ministry of Commerce of China, Guangdong Provincial Government, China Foreign Trade Center, Chamber of Commerce of Importers and Exporters/Associations, and trade delegations from various provinces and cities

Exhibition cycle: twice a year

Total exhibition area: 1.185 million square meters

Total number of booths: 60,475

Number of exhibitors: 25,171

Turnover: 30.08 billion US dollars

Overseas buyers attending the meeting: 203,346 people

The 130th Canton Fair began to accept booth reservations. During each session of the Canton Fair, there are many customers who participated in our company's Mingsheng Exhibition and foreign exhibitions demanding Canton Fair booths. Mingsheng Exhibition has obtained long-term cooperation with several domestic trading groups and large foreign trade companies to serve more companies that need Canton Fair booths. For Canton Fair booths, Canton Fair booths, Canton Fair joint venture booths, please inquire. For the 130th Canton Fair, Mingsheng Exhibition provides Canton Fair*** services as follows:

1. The first phase of the booth: home appliances, electronic and electrical, LED lighting, building materials, sanitary ware, hardware, tools, consumer electronics and information products, new energy products, power and power equipment, general machinery and small processing machinery and industrial parts, Engineering agricultural machinery (indoor) and engineering agricultural machinery (outdoor), bicycles, motorcycles, auto parts, chemicals, vehicles, etc.

2. The second stage booth: craft gifts, home decorations, holiday products, household items, toys, kitchen utensils, household ceramics, craft ceramics, glass crafts, furniture, weaving, gardens, pet supplies, personal care appliances, bathrooms Supplies etc.

3. The third stage booth: men's and women's clothing, children's clothing, underwear, sports and leisure clothing, apparel, home textiles, fabrics, carpets, food, medical insurance and medical equipment, sports, office, shoes, bags, etc.